This is what happened to me, and this is how I overcame from being in an abusive marriage.

Standing up.  Telling my story.  Sharing my experience.  Empowering all women.  My Journey of surviving an abusive marriage.  Life after divorce.  Moving forward.  Surviving & Thriving.  Sisterhood. 

A Platform to support women who have or are experiencing family violence, a safe space to support, inspire and promote positive empowerment for women through sharing real life experiences of surviving family violence.  Sharing my story of experiencing an abusive relationship and family violence.  Turning my pain into something beautiful, a journey from being a broken ‘victim’ of family violence to understanding and overcoming the trauma by acknowledging the ‘survivor’ of family violence.  This is what happened to me, and this is how I overcame it.  A cathartic platform of being vulnerable, honest, courageous in sharing my story to heal and inspire others.  I hope all women regardless of their cultural background, or sexual orientation feel safe and empowered to join me on this journey either by leaving comments, questions or sharing their experiences in a cathartic supportive sisterhood environment.  Lets all embrace, support & empower each other  ♥ ♥ ♥